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To bring more focus and strength to the Reneevations brand.

Reneevations has two main areas of concentration: people and places. They provide process facilitation for CEOs/Presidents and their senior associates to help them become more highly functioning individuals and teams, and they also re-design residential and corporate environments to increase the "green factor" for better sustainability. The problem was not only handling two altogether different business focuses, but also that Reneevations was rolling out of a name change from Safrata Group Inc. The challenge before us was to establish Reneevations as a fluid, authentic, and compelling brand that re-energizes teams, environments, and the overall work experience.

The most important task at hand was to understand Reneevations as a company, as well as their goals and objectives. By initiating with a BrainWerx™ Session to gain a deeper knowledge of their core truth, their passion for both people and places, and the difference they offer, we were able to identify their brand foundation and then further clarify their brand architecture, target market, and brand attributes. A greater understanding of their business experience was attained, thereby enabling the Reneevations team to commit to their future with greater focus, ease and direction.

A complete brand identity that authentically reflects Reneevations’ purpose to reinforce the standard for living was developed, which includes corporate identity, training materials and website (www.reneevations.com). Reneevations' promise to renovate teams and environments, and educate on new standards for living was then considered and implemented thoughout their company structure and culture to provide a cohesive focus for the team.

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