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A successful brand is a promise made by a business that is consistently delivered to its customer. This promise is what builds trust and increases customer loyalty. The clarity and direction that is needed by a business to fully deliver its promise is paramount to its success. The rate at which a business succeeds is directly related to how CLEAR the big vision is. However, most entrepreneurs get lost in the HOW instead of concentrating on the WHAT.

For this simple reason, every performance coaching relationship at LeapZone™ begins with a focus day for you, the entrepreneur or business leader, to review and clarify who you are, where you are at, where you want to go, what is in your way, and what you need to get there. It is also an opportunity to come together to understand your strengths and weaknesses, get to know about your team, and get your thoughts and feedback on what has to happen to maximize your business' potential. It sets up a solid foundation to build an on-going coaching relationship.


  • Clears your mind to focus.
  • Clarifies your goals and major blocks.
  • Uncovers who you are as a brand.
  • Provides you with an action plan for next steps.
  • Prepares you to re-align and focus your team and your communications.
  • Unleashes the ability to move forward at a faster pace.

BrainWerx™ is a forum we created to work with motivated entrepreneurs and business leaders on a per need basis, without the on-going performance coaching. It is a pay-per-session format that is easy to integrate into your existing strategic planning or creative communications process. Its purpose is to help you attain a higher level of clarity about who you are and where you want to stand in the market. This forum also prepares you to initiate a common focus first internally with your team and second externally with your communications to achieve your version of massive success.

To learn more about BrainWerx™ please contact us today to see if we are the right fit for your business.

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