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The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund Adopt-a-School Project

Hello Leapers! Join the LeapZone team in supporting this very important cause…

If you were part of a community — perhaps a business, perhaps raising a family, perhaps both — and you discovered that children in your local schools were going to school every day without breakfast, or warm clothing in the winter, would you want to help? Of course you would.

Well, for many children in Metro Vancouver inner-city schools, the unthinkable is reality, and The Vancouver Sun wants to change that.

The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund, the Sun’s charity, recently launched an Adopt-a-School project and in a series of daily stories now through Christmas it is telling the compelling, often humbling stories of these schools, and of the children who need help.

The project had its start with a story by The Sun’s education writer Janet Steffenhagen who wrote about a heart-felt plea from a teacher at an inner-city school in Vancouver.

“From where I sit every day, things are not okay,” Carrie Gelson wrote in a letter she addressed simply to the people of Vancouver.

“I can teach these children. Love them. Advocate for them. Stock my room with great books. Give away parts of my lunch.

“I can build community partnerships. I can build relationships with families. I can watch others around me doing the same thing. But until I know you are helping, too, it will remain not good enough.”

The story struck a chord in the community and offers of help poured in. The Sun realized that people want to help those in need in the their own communities and so the idea of Adopt-a-School was born.

“The story produced an outpouring of support from you, our readers. So we hope to harness your generosity and help kids in other inner-city schools,” Kevin Bent, president and publisher of the Pacific Newspaper Group and chairman of The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund said in a letter to readers. “Every dollar raised from you will be matched by the Children’s Fund.

“As you begin preparations to celebrate the holiday season that is upon us, we hope you will find a way to help us bring a little warmth and joy to these children and set them on the road to a fulfilling and productive life.”

The Sun kicked off Adopt-a-School on November 12 and stories are running daily in the paper and online chronicling the needs of kids and of the businesses and individuals that are stepping forward to help them.

The money being raised goes a long way. All administration costs for The Children’s Fund are absorbed by the newspaper so every dollar donated goes to help kids.

And this year, The Children’s Fund is matching dollar-for-dollar every donation made to the Adopt-a-School program. So for every dollar you donate, double that goes to help kids in need.

We encourage you to take action, because a little goes a long way. We can all make a difference!

Want to help brighten the lives of some of Greater Vancouver’s neediest children?

Here’s how you can:

“Like” The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund on Facebook.

Go to vansunkidsfund on Facebook and hit the like button. For every like Telus donates $1 to Adopt-a-School and The Children’s Fund matches that. So every like = a $2 donation.

Check out the Children’s Fund web site at vansunkidsfund.ca for more ways to donate and learn about the needs of children in inner-city schools.

Adopt-a-School Donations of New Items

The Adopt-a-School project is aimed at collecting financial donations as well as providing a conduit so readers can immediately donate goods such as coats and shoes and gloves directly to those schools and students that need them most.  For information on how to donate new items, contact Adopt-a-School at adoptaschool@vancouversun.com or call Adopt-a-School coordinator Kathy Anderson at 604-605-2654.

Find the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund:

On Twitter: @vansunkidsfund

On Facebook: facebook.com/vansunkidsfund

On Flickr: flickr.com/vansunkidsfund

On YouTube: youtube.com/vansunkidsfund

Got something to say?

Leave a comment! Asking questions as well as sharing wins, challenges and experiences is not only necessary to growth, it’s also a great way to learn from your success community! (not to mention an excellent way to drive more traffic to your site!)

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What You Can Do Today To Maximize Your Potential

You probably realize you could be more productive and effective in your business. So, what can you do today to maximize your potential?

How do you bring out the best in yourself day after day when you manage yourself and there is no one else to hold you to a higher standard of performance?

How do you stay focused and make the best use of your time when you work in an unstructured environment and there are so many compelling distractions?

And how do you overcome procrastination and take action on the things you have been putting off, activities you know have a high payoff, but you just never get around to?

The answer is simple.

It’s called The Spark. LeapZone’s MasterMind-Style Group Coaching program designed specifically to help solopreneurs and small business owners kick some serious business butt!

After working with hundreds of small business owners, self-employed professionals, commissioned sales people and some of the greatest local and global brands in the past 16 years, I can tell you two things with absolute certainty:

One: “Self-management challenges” really are undermining your productivity. They are costing you a lot of money but they are also perfectly normal. It does more harm than good to beat yourself up for lacking focus and discipline. You are probably much closer to success than you think. If you are like most entrepreneurs, the changes you need to make are relatively minor and the impact of making them will be significant.

Two: There is a simple, easy way to stay focused and maximize your efficiency to achieve more results faster, with the same amount of, or even less, effort. I can say that with confidence because I see the amazing and tangible results that our clients have experienced through the “Tried, Tested and True” LeapZone Process.

If you are interested in breaking out of the rut you are in and massively increasing your productivity and positive results while generating additional income quickly, you owe it to yourself to join The Spark.

I am ready to take action today!

I am interested…but have a few questions!

Why our clients LOVE The Spark!

“I LOVE the accountability factor. I know that each mastermind session, we need to bring a win and a stuck point to the group which pushes me each time to obtain a win and to celebrate it with the group and I love that!”

“Realizing our own potential. Hands down, the biggest benefit from The Spark. I hang up the phone more JAZZED about my business abilities and the tools that I am learning to become a well oiled machine every time. It helps me see our business as a huge, bottomless, untapped goldmine to fuel the life we want to live!”

“I love to know that others are experiencing the same issues…and even better…I love to learn about solutions that I would never have thought of if it were not for the amazing people in my Spark group!”

Looking forward to having you in one of our amazing groups!

Life happens. Are you ready?

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.”
- Marie Curie

Life happens. Whether you want it to or not. So why not make the most of it? We all have this one chance to “live our best life” as Oprah likes to say. And it is so true. No one else is going to do it for us, so we can choose to indifferently coast through life, or worse still to be miserable…..or we can choose to be passionate about living.

Over the last few months I have been diligently reconnecting with the things that make me the happiest. It’s not an easy task, let me tell you. Some of the stuff I have pulled out recently was buried, deep. I realize now that if I don’t tune-in to my instincts and check-in with what I really want on a regular basis (right now, for me, this means daily), it is SO EASY to fall off-track. Seriously.

So, to help you stay tuned-in to yourself, here are 3 things that I feel are essential:

  1. Let go of the idea that you’re in control of your life and become aware of yourself instead. Controlling your life is like putting blinders on. You miss the biggest opportunities because you focus on your life as a separate entity. Being aware of yourself provides an instant connection to your needs and desires. Once you are clear on those, the opportunities will present themselves and you will be in a space to see and seize them.
  2. Connect with yourself daily if possible. Right now, I do this through journaling. Some prefer to meditate, practice yoga, jog….whatever your choice of “me time” is, do it because this is your chance to have your undivided attention to ponder ideas, check-in with your wants, and re-align your choices.
  3. Surround yourself with a bulletproof support group. Include people that will provide unconditional love; uncensored, credible feedback; and help you push your limits to go after what you really want.

This coming May LeapZone Strategies is launching a new group coaching program called The Spark™. This program has been created to foster the idea of “support groups” for entrepreneurs, based on a Mastermind concept, and open up the world of shared learnings, insights, experiences and opportunities.

Want To Become a LeapZone Guest Blogger?

Here are our simple rules of the game & guidelines:

What kind of content do we accept?
Anything relating to Business and Branding Strategies, Momentum Generating Tips or Time Saving Tools and Methodologies is ideal for our readers. What does that mean? Well, it can be a branding tip, a simple and effective marketing strategy, a tool that can save our readers precious time and energy or a simple idea or concept to stimulate growth. At LeapZone, our purpose is to inspire and empower people to raise the bar and we promise Clarity. Pivotal Shifts and Momentum. So, if what you have to share aligns with our Purpose and Promise, chances are, your submissions will be embraced.

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LeapZone Guidelines

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How do you submit your guest post?
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Thank you for your interest in becoming a LeapZone Guest Blogger and for contributing to fulfilling our purpose.

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